The Therapy Diaries Chapter 7: Tory Scum

My therapist likes to ask me why I’m so angry. I like to tell her, basically everything.

She recommends me not reading the news. I manage to do so for large amounts of time, but inevitably my will will break and I’ll check, or someone will mention something, or I’ll be in a shop or whatever that has the news on. It’s unavoidable really,

It’s the content of the news that makes me angry, and the current fucking state of the fucking world.

Back in the day, those in charge of us, the rich, and their lackeys, the politicians, at least had some fucking tact. The shit they pull now is absolutely no different from the shit they’ve been pulling since the dawn of time, and will pull to the end of time. So where’s the tact?

They at least used to pretend they weren’t pulling any dodgy shit.

Back in the day, the rich, politicians, all those cunts, would at least pretend to be real people, living real lives, who give a shit about us little people. I mean, they definitely didn’t, but they created highly crafted public personas that said as such.

But now?

The rich, the politicians, everyone else, is still doing everything they want, all the time, but they don’t even try and pretend otherwise now.

In case you live under a rock, you’ll know I’m talking about Alexander de Pfeffel, and his cronies. The Tory party is a fucking disgrace, and I don’t understand how anyone, anyone, can look at them and think “yeah, they’re the party of integrity and honesty, they want to help people like me, yeah I’ll vote for them.”

It’s an absolute fucking joke.

Obviously de Pfeffel has a Christmas party, he was always going to. But mate, if you’re going to lie about it, at least make sure there isn’t video footage first. And maybe tell your mates, Mr I’ve never changed a nappy because I’m a fucking cunt Rees-Mogg, to have a bit of tact, and not joke about it. In front of the police!

I suppose joking about it all in front of the police isn’t a big deal, because they’re cunts too. They exist only to defend the elite from us regular people. ACAB.

I thought I had more to say on this subject, but I honestly don’t have the energy. It’s fucking exhausting just existing at the moment.

Oh here’s another good one: the Tory cunts want to make it so they can overrule judges if they don’t like a decision they’ve made.


There’s a word for that, and it’s dictatorship. We have laws for a reason, checks and balances for a reason; if you do away with them, what are you but a fucking dictator?

In my younger days, when I was more naive, I was 100% a pacifist. No violence ever, anywhere, against anyone, for any reason. Since growing up and becoming an adult, I’m very much not a pacifist. All violence all the time against all the people!

No but seriously, I challenge anyone to prove to me that if de Pfeffel died, the country wouldn’t be better for it. Or the Rees-Mogg the nappy cunt. Or Priti I’m a woman who hates women and a minority who hates minorities Patel. Or Matt fuck my secretary on camera during a global pandemic Hancock. Or any of the rest of the Tory fucking scum who pretend to love this country and its citizens. Every single one of them is a disgrace, and the country, and indeed the entire world, would be better off without them.

I look forward to being interviewed by the police in the near future about this. Guys, it’s good you’re taking time to stop harassing women and minorities, but let’s be clear here: there’s no threat in this post, no harassment, no nothing. If I’ve broken any laws, those laws probably need to be looked at, because I haven’t actually done anything wrong.

Can you imagine if there was any sense of justice in this country? I’m not talking about the courts and shit, but what’s actually right and wrong. Moral justice.

Imagine if for a second, just one fucking second, anyone in the government expressed sincere remorse over the nearly 200k COVID deaths. Imagine if any of the cunts apologised for the Christmas party, and actually meant it.

I can’t imagine it, because every Tory is a liar.

Question: how can you tell a Tory is lying?

Answer: they’re speaking.

I’m losing my humanity in this country. I’m becoming angrier and more hate-filled by the day. I fucking hate England, this fucking shitty tinpot country that raped the world, then got beaten back into place, but somehow still thinks it’s amazing.

Ridiculous country. Fuck it. Hopefully it’ll fall apart. I long for Scottish independence. I long for NI to unify with ROI and leave the UK. I long for Welsh independence. I long for this country to burn.

To be fair, I won’t have to wait long, climate change will take care of that. Also, here’s another thing the government is just constantly lying about; climate change.

Dear boomers: yes, the climate does change, all the time, it is natural. That’s not what we’re decrying. What we’re saying is, due to humans, it’s happening too fast for the planet, or natural life, to prepare.

I often wonder, particularly about educated Tories: are you wilfully ignorant, just plain ignorant, or evil? It’s got to be one of the three. I literally can’t think of a single other reason someone with more than half a brain could vote for these evil fucks.

All tories are scum.

All tories are cunts.

Fuck them all.

If you’re a Tory and you’re reading this, fuck you. You should be ashamed.

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